6th julij 2023 - BOC Marseille France
DDS Patrick Palacci & DDs, PhD Ulf Nannmark

New horizons in Ridge Augmentation - Advanced Surgical Course

Our 2-day Concentrated Grow Factors (CGF) training teaches medical professionals how to inject client’s own Concentrated Grow Factors to grow new collagen, regenerate soft tissue and smooth and tighten skin. This course is taught by top medical aesthetics professionals, dental surgeons and biochemical scientist, each with in-depth cosmetic injection and molecular biology experience.

This procedure has universal applications throughout the medical and dental fields. This course reviews the science and biology behind autologous blood concentrates in order for clinicians to understand how the process works as well as the indications for proper use.

The aim of the course is when you go back to your clinic you may begin carrying out the preparation and implementation of the Plasma Gel, CD34+ cells and Concentrated Growth Factors with confidence and thus make a difference.

This is a very practical course where you go from theory to practice under the supervision of the expert.  Practices are held on real patients.

An intensive course that offers a practical approach to facial rejuvenation, facial profiling, dark circles, nasolabial folds, hair loss treatment (androgenic and areata alopecia), infiltration with CGF + Melatonin. Preparation of the patients and the skin before being infiltrated. Introduction to the use of Vitamin D in the aesthetic and immunological fields.

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    20th oktober 2023 - Como, Italy
    Profs. M. Esposito, T. Testori, Dr. M. Invernizzi

    An evidence-based educational path in maxillary sinus augmentation: the lateral and crestal approach