11th december 2021 - Ljubljana
Dr. Pier Carmine Passarelli & Dr. Michele Lopez

SINUS PACK & SINUS FLOW: Maxillary sinus augmentation new techniques

Maxillary sinus lift is a surgical procedure suitable to restore vertical deficiencies of the posterior maxilla and can be executed either with a lateral or with a crestal approach. One of the most important aspects of a bone regeneration is the stability of the graft. During the course the participant will be introduced to a new grafting technique for sinus lift with a lateral approach, which is called Sinus Pack Technique.  Sinus flow dynamic fluid technology associated with increasingly effective biomaterials, in paste or gel, finally allows a predictable and less invasive surgical approach in the crestal access of the maxillary sinus membrane elevation. These new techniques have the advantage of being a minimally invasive and safe surgery procedures, with the same results as other sinus lift techniques.

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